Wine tasting by Sommelier Alain Ségelle

Along his 40 year career, Alain Ségelle occupied many positions in the wine business: sommelier in most famous French restaurants, technical adviser for wine producers and wine brokers, consultant in œnophilie and lecturer. Alain Ségelle was nominated Best Young Sommelier of Paris (1978) and Best nose of Europe (1988). He also created a center of continuing education in œnophilie in Paris and various centers around the world. He is the author of many videos and books such as « Le vin et la dégustation » and « Le vin: mode d’emploi » about organic culture.

«Plus qu’une boisson, le vin est avant tout une rencontre, un contact recherché par l’amateur, une initiation pour le novice, un art pour l’œnophile.» by Alain Ségelle (Novembre 1981).

From insider trading to wine secrets: follow Sommelier Alain Ségelle’s initiation

After a hard day of work at the Abbey, Sommelier Alain Ségelle will initiate conference participants to the secrets of the world of French wines. We will start with a Champagne, continue with a white wine from Chablis, and finish with three red wines from Rasteau, Cote de Bourg and Languedoc regions.

Download the wine tasting notes by Sommelier Alain Ségelle

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