New ESSEC research contribution in finance

New ESSEC research contribution in finance

Jean-Michel Blanquer

ESSEC is very happy to welcome this new Wiley handbook Extreme Events in Finance edited by Prof. François Longin. ESSEC research in financial risk and extreme events is a long tradition in our institution. Today this topic is important for financial institutions, firms, individuals and society as a whole.

A multidisciplinary work

“Extreme events in finance” is not only a topic for finance but also for other disciplines such as economics, statistics, mathematics and sociology. Therefore, this is the kind of topics that we have to address with different skills and expertise. Along this line, the editor has gathered researchers from different departments that do not usually work together. This collective work includes 25 contributions written by more than 40 contributors from all over the world.

Point of view of both academics and practitioners

“Extreme events in finance” is also the kind of topics that we have to address not only from the point of view of the actors but also from the academic point of view. This book is then diverse in terms of contributors: it includes academics and practitioners from banks, fund management firms, insurance companies and central banks.

“Extreme events in finance” is also a complex topic that we have to address with an open mind. Hence, this book offers many technical contributions on extreme value theory and its applications in finance and insurance, but it also includes professional expressions, reflection on modeling issues and time.

Beyond technicality

From a technical point of view, this book deals with extreme events in finance using extreme value theory. I’m sure that advanced readers will enjoy the high technicality. Beyond the math, there is also the message that extremes events should not be underestimated in financial models. This is especially the case as such events matter the most for investors and can have far-reaching consequences for the financial world but also for the real world, impacting everybody at the very end.

Enjoy your reading.

Wiley handbook Extreme events in finance

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Jean-Michel Blanquer
Dean of ESSEC Business School

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